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The Walking Dead: The Final Season

May 15 - 12:54, by Leng Chai

The Walking Dead: The Final Season The Walking Dead is a great TV show and a fantastic video game series. But The Walking Dead: The Final Season is set to finish the video game series. Aside from the fact that it will arrive at some point this year, there’s not a lot of information about the game.

What we do know is that Clementine is a bit older, and the baby she had to look out for is now around five years old or so. As always, there will be multiple episodes to play through, and each one of them will get us closer and closer to the finishing point of this entire story.

The first episode will take place in a dilapidated boarding school. According to Telltale, the game got a lot more colourful with the previous game so that this new one will have a change of tone. It won’t be too grim, but it’s clear that there will be some changes to the entire experience, so that’s a very important aspect to consider regarding this. Also, there will be new characters. One of them is Rosie, a dog that doesn’t die.

Combat wise we can expect a bit of an overhaul. Walkers will be wandering, and they will be dangerous, and some of the fights can easily be shifted to your capabilities and the way you want to fight. You will also notice that the fights can go very bad if you’re careless. The lack of scripting in fights is quite interesting, and it does offer The Walking Dead: The Final Season an exciting tone and a new way to experience and enjoy everything.

The fact that we have a world ready to crumble and which is brought to its knees is interesting, and the game does a tremendous job of depicting that. It shows that a low has gone wrong in this situation, and it’s one of those things that can have a major impact on characters.

We don’t know a lot about emotions and what characters have been doing, but it’s safe to say that we can expect new interactions, great challenges and a whole lot of drama too. It’s hard to know what the time jump brought in, but there are some exciting things that you have to take into consideration here.

It’s the final game in the series, so we can expect quite a lot of interesting stuff to be brought to the table. But it’s still nice that we finally get a new episode, as the story was great, and the series as a whole has evolved quite a bit. The game isn’t only dark at this point, but it also brings in front a way to move things onward and also finalise the entire process. It’s challenging to find a great, rewarding experience in games nowadays, but the story and gameplay in The Walking Dead have always been top notch and The Walking Dead: The Final Season has the chance to make things even more interesting and exciting.

Are you guys excited for the real game play? Let us know your thoughts about the game!

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